My Most Important Role

In a web site called Active Parenting Now, the front page reads, “the purpose of parenting is to protect and prepare children to survive and thrive in the kind of society in which we live.”

Participating in 4 session of “Positive Parenting” has helped me explore and heighten ways that I can be the best parent I can be and guide my children the best way I know how.

As a parent, I have worn different hats. Wearing a white nursing caps, an olive visor as leader to a Cub Scout troupe, a translucent covering as a healer, a hat of a coach and a wife, I have learned that the most important job of all is raising my children.

Parenting is a twenty-four hour job and never ends. We are a friend, a coach, and an adviser. And, we have many expectations for our children. Here is a list I have gathered from the parents I have trained:

Hard working















I grew up in a different culture and era where children were seen, but not heard. This was a circumstance that I had to cope with. For instance, when I was growing up, I saw little of my mother, only in the evenings. There was no close bonding mother-daughter relationship and her work was never-ending. However, I was able to understand and appreciate her in the last two years of her life. I learned more about her in the last two years of her life than in the twenty plus years when I was growing up. We grew very close and she became my hero.

She was the foundation and the cornerstone of the family, a woman with strength and determination. She kept our family together. Though our family structure was different, and she did not have the opportunity to raise us, as she would have liked, she found time to teach us values. She taught us to be respectful in our day-to-day interactions, have compassion for life, be grateful for what we were given, and she emphasized the importance of education. After all, the freedom to be educated was why we left our country.

It is because of my extensive education in the field of healing that I have learned that the biggest investment that we have as a parent is time that we spend with our children through play, and being available for them.

I believe styles of parenting usually are learned from our parents. Then again, it is our children who teach us how to parent. There is no manual. Bogged down with work and commitments, people are exhausted and need a break. Then children’s DVD’s. IPods, and computer extravaganzas need to be satisfied. It may become confusing, but the essential reality is that children need us to be their friend.

They need someone to talk to, advice and guidance to find better choices. They want a play friend, someone to watch their baseball games, and clap at their Tae Kwon Do tournaments. They crave for parents to view their accomplishments anticipating faces that exude pride.

Being a parent is like creating a garden. A parent provides necessities such as providing sustenance, tendering care, and suggesting guidance like a gardener turns the soil, adds the fertilizes, and trims the weeds. Like the bleeding heart flower, pruning is critical when it comes to shape the beauty of a child.

I am proud of my children, but at times I feel helpless and wonder how my parenting can improve. Realizing that I do not have to be perfect, I was able to accept circumstances. Tomorrow is a new day for new ideas. And, I can make changes in my daily life to find the time to invest in my children. For every child is like a precious Rock waiting to be polish into a diamond.

There was a father who worked seven days a week and every week, he gave his child ten peso.

One day the child asked his father “how many peso do you get an hour?”

“I get ten pesos an hour,” the father said.

“If I pay you eighty Peso will you stay home and play with me?” the child asked.

Not only will I never forget this story, but also, it reminds me of my mother. As a child I would have given her everything I had to keep her home. As a mother, I understood why she was unable to. There are many stories to be told and this is one I will never forget.

It is important to be grateful for each day. I realize, unlike my mother, I am lucky to have the choice of staying home and taking care of my children in the way I choose. I can be their role model. Not everyone is able have this type of leisure. However, like my mother, everyone has the ability to do the best they can, and focus on what they are able to do in order to heighten their children’s wellbeing.

By Hue Anh Nguyen (Relationship Coach and Intuitive Healer)


What is Chronic Reverse Polarity


Do you feel used up? Drained? Does your business suffer from your inability to handle stress? Maybe you have tried to organize your life and ambitions maybe you have sought coaching to improve business; but nothing seems to work. When nothing helps, it’s easy to give in and think you just weren’t cut out to be an entrepreneur or that you’re stuck in an endless rut. If this describes you, you could be experiencing symptoms from reverse polarity—a condition from which the majority of those who undergo regular stress suffer.

The human body is a self-generating electric system—from the function of our nerves to the beating of our hearts. Electricity produces a magnetic field, even in the human body. The natural polarity of our body can be reversed by stressors, just like a magnetic field in the Earth. When the polarity of your body reverses, problems such as fatigue, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, auto immune diseases, cancer, ADHD, and many other conditions can impact your body.

As if suffering from depression, anxiety, and fatigue weren’t problematic enough, this can impact more than just your health. When your polarity is reversed and you are putting out negative energy, you will attract that energy right back. The law of attraction states that what you put out into the world you get back in kind. From a personal and business standpoint, this is definitely a problem.

To help understand this, we’ll use the example of an entrepreneur with reverse polarity. When he wakes up in the morning, he feels tired—he already has a poor start to a potentially successful day. As he goes through his day, trying to find new clients and market, he carries anxiety and fear in him. He thinks he is not good enough—that no one is listening to him and he will fail. With this type of energy in his heart, he ensures he will never succeed. It not only impacts his psychological outlook on life, impacting his decision making, but he also suffers physically from his anxiety. We’ve all been there after a long day of unsuccessful work. Our body hurts, we’re tired, sometimes we just want to cry. These are all physical symptoms and dangerous ones that can lead to severe problems later in life.

Here at Polarity4Harmony, Hue Anh Nguyen works with people to help reverse their polarity back to attract the positive. Coupled with her understanding of the body from her time as a Registered Nurse, Hue Nguyen uses intuitive healing to release trapped emotions. When stagnate negativity is released, your body can begin to heal itself physically and emotionally.

Hue works remotely with hundreds of people to help them move through their blocked emotions. She has been very successful with helping entrepreneurs move through their stagnation and instantly go on to turn their luck around. From the publisher she worked with remotely who had been getting very little business and after a session immediately received phone calls, to the healer she helped at a seminar who could not sell her trade that turned around and made five sales the very next day after a session, to the real estate agent who could not get his business off the ground who the very next week had three clients call interested in buying homes. Hue helps people succeed.

Do not let your stress dictate your success and more importantly, your health. Work with a Master Healer to replenish your body and release your negativity—it’s never too late to thrive.